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Zodiac: Virgo, Sheep
Likes: Food. Sleep. Net. TeniPri
In: Canada
Bribed by: Food. Gifts.
AIM: MaximilianKnight

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Welcome to an Endless Sleep...

No I am not dead, be awed.

And you all know today is ORE-SAMA's birthday. Ah Atobe Keigo how I WUV you and going to get that limited edition album.. la-la-la ^o^
THAT makes the weekend and WORK bearable.. I think...

Be awed!
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:26 a.m. on Saturday, October 4, 2003

What Prince of Tennis Couple Are You? by mamushi
LJ User Name
Favorite Color
Couplefudomine orgy
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Oooh damn I WANT O.O
Who is your Prince of Tennis Match? by mamushi
Favorite Color
PoT GuyUchimura Kyousuke
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Oooh lookit! One of Fudoumine's unwuved ^^ and we both are dwarves... and he's a prankster.. and we'll have fun and play lotsa videogames. Yea.
..and if I input my fave color as gold.. I get Shinji *.* eheheeeee can I like.. have'em both? Oh, just tie it with the previous Fudoumine orgy and I,Ll be happy ^^
And this..
Which Prince of Tennis is your man? by Hitokui
(you) Seme or Uke?
Your ManYuushi Oshitari (Hyoutei)
He will leave you forShinji Ibu (Fudomine)
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

The paiiiin ;_; maybe I'll suggest a threesome, we could all be happy....
Jiroh caught another nap at 01:14 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, 2003

What Prince of Tennis School Are You In? by blessed_fire
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Fwhahha! And strangely, if put in 24 (which i,L be in less than a week) I get Seigaku. Can I be 23 forever? *.* I guess this means I went from Fudoumine to Seigaku? strange, but fun ^^
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:58 p.m. on Wednesday, August 20, 2003

You're Narugami, the thunder god with a huge sense of justice!
You're realistic, and you worry a lot on how to live a typical life.
You're willing to help people anytime, anywhere --- and you're independent.

Which Matantei Loki character are you most alike?

Oooh sugoi ^^ This... made me want to watch more *plugs ep2 in*
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:46 p.m. on Saturday, July 26, 2003

Yes, I am alive. I fell off the face of the blog-earth for a while, ne?
Anyway.. um.. damn.. I wish AnimeChaos would let me know they got my MO. Me wanna bid on stuff. Also maybe I should have written my username IN the enveloppe on a piece of paper or something? ARG... Me want that Fudoumine card from the new TC collection..... NEED IT.... because. And I want these GBA games... and.. etc...
Jiroh caught another nap at 07:54 p.m. on Friday, July 18, 2003

Gah? When I try going to R-F for Hikago 74-75 it say adress is banned? Wha...? Did I do anything..? x.x;;;
Jiroh caught another nap at 03:59 a.m. on Thursday, July 3, 2003

I hate this world... I'm scrawny, I have no self-confidence, I can't fight, I turn tail and run at the slightest sign that things MAY go wrong...

"Hey, you. Hey, you with the read headband! You're ugly!"
Really, hearing that just.. makes me go back home.
I wanted to go to the game shop.. and to Burger King... but now I,M holed up home and.. and... hating life and hating myself. Why can't I punch someone face? Maybe because 4-1 fights are suicidal... and WHY the hell did these school deliquants insulted ME?

Fuck this.... I feel basically like trash. I have NO reason to.. but... I never thought I,d hear THAT again... I want to cry.....
Jiroh caught another nap at 04:45 p.m. on Wednesday, July 2, 2003

You are Yukito!
Tsukishiro Yukito: Kind, cheerful and friendly!
You're a really nice person! Always wearing a
bright smile, you help bring some sun-shine to
anyone's day...! You also seem to have the
ability to eat bowls full and not gain an
ounce! Just remember, no-one's perfect...

Which CLAMP uke are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
This... is true. I eat quite a bit and quite regularly and stay thin as a nail... yay ^^
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:13 a.m. on Tuesday, July 1, 2003

I am alive.. and damnit I want PoT chibiness and that Kmaio-Sengoku episode.

My computter has been dead for a whole week >.< gwah. well, got it again anyway, wai. It's in perfect working order.

And damnit, A-O are SLOW!!!!!!!!
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:56 a.m. on Tuesday, July 1, 2003

oh and.. i,d rip the CDs... if my MP3 ripper wasn't trial only -.-; I wonder why my friend got me that, really.
Jiroh caught another nap at 01:12 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18, 2003

WAI *.* FAST! The post service is running at kamio speed! i got my CDs *.* Waiwaiwaiwaaaaaaaiiii! JirohSong sounds SO much more clear and neat and I laughed SO hard at the... 'frying high' in the lyrics. One of the things I believe before seeing it.. but.. but it's a thousdand times funnier seeing it for real. I can listen to it past the two minute mark now! whahahaaaaaaaa! It does sound like he's straining his voice a tiny bit, but... aaaw I,Ll forgive him cause he's SO kawaii ^______________^ The song is so short though ._. aw... me want moooore.

The remix starts slowish... not really uninteresting though ^^ It sounds techno-like.. with the bass-keyboard thingee and cymbal-like noises... It'd do a nice spy movie soundtrack, for some reason. The idea just came to my mind....

No, no comment on Torishishi, everyone listened to it already anyway. And I am NOT going to use the g-word to describe the remix because I always felt it was unfair to use such a word in any circumstance.
In any case.... Yay ^^ Happy, JirohSingle is fun. I wuv it. Haven't gotten to the voice message yet, but I am sure it will be something to giggle about.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:59 p.m. on Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Wheeeeee! CD Japan shipped my order today. Hapy ^___________^
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:58 a.m. on Tuesday, June 17, 2003

5:20 am or so... still sick, gotta work 10 hours or so again today. Throatache turned somehow into runny nose... bleh x.x will be an awful fun.

Oh well...gonna go the distance... no choice, really. I'll go on till I crash to the ground. That's me ^_^ it's what I'm like. I can imagine how the day will go... probably the usual. Just gonna be a bit harder.

Should eat. I was at least able to sleep a few hours, which is good.
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:17 a.m. on Sunday, June 15, 2003

Oh whee... I woke at 4am... mind you I don't think I slept a lot... kept sorta.. waking and coughing. Throat's way too dry and nothing will seemingly make it better. The air where I work is ultra humid.. which may not help. What the heck IS with my throat anyway? If it goes on like this, I will see a doc monday x.x;
Jiroh caught another nap at 04:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 14, 2003

okay. I will NOT get my TenipuriSingles soon but... I got a PS2 *.* My friend's bro's ps2 was dead and so we took it, shipped it.. and they repaired it! yaahhoooo! So I got myself a lovely lil' machine. Gonna let my friend rest -he's sick too- and go there later *.* Too bad I don't have much money left.. but there aren't many interesting used games anyway...
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:32 p.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2003

AAAAAAAAAARRRG!!!! SHORTAGE!!!!??? CDJAPAN COULD NOT SEND ME MY ORDER!!! Because there was an UNEXPECTED SHORTAGE so they MAY send it it ONE or TWO WEEKS!? FRUSTRATION! Will go send out money for Fudoumine polo and maybe indulge and whatever. Foodage at McD's sounds sorta good. That throatache is still there though. Grumble.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2003

Rtas! Rivals calendar on ebay. can't really afford it right now after that order from animate USA. Aaaanyone has that calendar and reaaaaly feels nice? Me want the Fudoumine-ness in it ;_; I can even pay for a color copy thingeeeeee!
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:44 p.m. on Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Which CLAMP series' random item are you?
Quiz made by Let-kun

Neat huh ^^ I rawk. Oh, and i got a neat pokemon Ruby/Sapphire promo cardboard-like poster thing at the gaming store today! LUCKY! I wuv that store ^__________^
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:27 p.m. on Tuesday, June 10, 2003

What is happiness?
Being exhausted from 20 hours of work in two singles days, checking the net... surfing to Animate-usa, ordering a letter set or two and clearfiles...

And... a Fudomine POLO!!! If they still have it in stock I will be the HAPPIEST girl on the PLANET! Plus, Torishishi and jooriSingles will arrive meanwhile so i can wait *.*
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:21 p.m. on Sunday, June 8, 2003

Lookit minna!!!! Pretty JirohSingle cover and Torishishi duet Yaaay *.* MineMineMine!
And if I was scarce um.. stuff was goin' on. on, and I,M not gonna hang around AnimeNetworks cause stupid crappy channel requires some damned sign-up, identification or whatever and I don't wanna do that. waste of time, so I,ll be in Enterthegame at anime-otakus. ha. Speakin' of which, they SHOULD release PoT soon or i,ll get in angryRAAAWR mode.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:25 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Fun fun quiz! Oh and.. it smells like.. roased pumpkin seeds here for some reason. Strange.. but yummy. Australia
Australia - Founded as a gigantic prison colony, Australia has
turned into a Mid-Level world power. Known for
its wildlife and culture.

Culturally Admired.
Mid-Level Power.
Renouned Flora and Fauna.

Founded by Criminals.
Island Nation (Isolated).
Talk Funny.

Which Country of the World are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:54 p.m. on Wednesday, May 21, 2003

YUM! Italian cookies are soooo yummy!! chocolate chip cookies.. ooooh *.*
in case you didn't know already: my body's center of pleasure is my stomach. But, however: I am NOT like Momo, I wouldn't eat 13 hamburgers. And llooookkit!! No work tomorrow, and I have MONEY left! Wednesday+money=SUSHI!!!!!!
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:40 p.m. on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 know what? To heck, I,M going to bed. Whenever I get up tomorrow, I,ll try and do that stupid dissertation. See if I care. I should care, but I don't. My mind's tired, and my body is too. This was a very draining weekend. See if I care about that class.
Jiroh caught another nap at 01:00 a.m. on Monday, May 19, 2003

Okay.. I am watching the F1 race my dad taped.. and Houde commented: Raikonnen has the rythm.
yes, this summons another mental image of F1 Fudoumine *snickers* Fun. I love racing ^__^
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:52 p.m. on Sunday, May 18, 2003

oh, if you people want the Torishishi and jirohSong clips (2 mins long each) you can bug me. Endless thanks to Jen and Mura!!!
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:03 p.m. on Sunday, May 18, 2003

...oh.. three digits of my Corsola's number matched my Pokemon Lottery ticket. Fun. It was a set trade too.. not from any friend or such c.c Lucky. A second exp share isn't that useful, but still..

Oh, and... I hope my legs will survive. If I don't feel like staying awake or writing that philosophy paper tonight, then screw philosophy. Yes. MY body comes first. Yesterday wasn't nice.. darn them for making me walk such a long time....
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:31 a.m. on Sunday, May 18, 2003

The day is over. Though I wrote no fic like I intended to since DAYS... I am happy. I got JirohSong and ToriShishi duet clippies! Thanks to Jen and especially Mura *throws Hyotei-insigna shaped chocos* I wuv you ^o^ Now may just crash to sleep. Work tomorrow nyaaah...
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:14 p.m. on Saturday, May 17, 2003

Getting ready to go to bro's marriage.. and boy was yesterday hell. i,M not going to post about it. Plans for the rest of the weekend: try to write up philosophy dissertaition (owies) and um.. that's it.... well.. for school stuff. Plans for tomorrow: survive.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:49 p.m. on Saturday, May 17, 2003

Not like anyone'll read but..
1-I love kare kano music. Must buy all the CDs with whatever paycheck.
2-PoT 74: DAMN YOU RYOMA! If you ARE going to beat the super mega cool Tezuka I am going to HATE YOU you goddamned snarky kid!!! And yes, I am somewhat going to be an anti-Ryoma IF he does this!! IF HE DOES then.. watch out for my ANGER.

3-Saint Beast. Not quite as neat as I,d ahve thought.... may see if it gets better.Byakko doesn't have a high-pitched voice, as i,d have expected (blame Omi for that) and uh.. I think some baddie sounded like Keigo, but I was probably wrong... anyway *shrugs* can't remember seeing any cast list.
4-Working tomorrow, then bro's marriage saturday. bleh. friggin' marriage, food better be good.
5-After killing my CD player, I may buya MD player.. if it can't be repaired, that's what I,Ll do. so silly, I broke it on the LAST day of school too. ah well, could've been worse. I thank my GBA SP which can provide amusement in busses.
7-I am lonely. No one is really on. i wouldn't have anything to say to them anyway. thirsty. right now. May drink and either go sleep or draw...
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:32 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, 2003

OH MY GOD!! AnimeJunkies subbed SAINT BEAST! I don't care if it's a so-so group! GIMEE!! *heads to download it*
Jiroh caught another nap at 07:17 p.m. on Thursday, May 15, 2003

Bad thing: I killed my CD player yesterday.
Good thing: My teacher came in while I worked on my brooch and handed me my Technical drawing exam result. 96%. Watch me shine like Keigo.

bad thing: Mom decided to make use of the washing machine at 6:30 am, and i am hungry.
Good thing: Spiral 23-25 are out, thank you A-E. Shaman King 57 is out too. yay for R-B. I can go back to sleep and burn/watch stuff later.. but... I should eat and try to stay awake. I think it's better to get up when waking the first time around.
Jiroh caught another nap at 07:06 a.m. on Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My feet still feel blah. Ah well.. gotta finish that brooch thing today... so this means i,ll be banging a hammer a lot today. Hopefully I,ll be able to finish and won't have to go back tomorrow (hopes for work, masochistic person she can be) Hours'd be nice since having to attend my bro's wedding saturday makes me lose LOTS of money >.< augh.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:58 a.m. on Tuesday, May 13, 2003 up... slept like a log. didn't wanna get up. Philo class, dun wanna go but teacher is going to give exam question. Hoping there was no sort of test, my brain.. is not here. munching on breakfast. feeling dead. tired. hopefully the feeling will go away. hopefully i will survive the day. it rhymed, how cute. and yes, i can hit the caps lock button for capital but just do not feel like it right now.
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:36 a.m. on Monday, May 12, 2003

Feet for sale: 70$
...18 hours. In two days. HELLO!? I haven't worked since LAST YEAR @.@;; granted i get lotsa money (110 worthless canadian dollars or so) but.. jeezus.. I thought my feet would DIE a cruel death today. Tired... well, my LEGS/FEET are DEAD, but.. my mind could still go on and on......
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:57 p.m. on Sunday, May 11, 2003

I miissed on RP yesterday but I intend to make up for it tonight.

Also, I wuv my mom ^^ she's making me french toasts!!! The day looks nice. See you all later... very later.
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:48 a.m. on Sunday, May 11, 2003

Worked for 9 hours.. my feet are dead. Goodness: Pot 73-74 wednesday. yay. Forget that I am alve for the next hour, I am going to take a bath....

Hopefully i,Ll see a few people online tonight. I feel lonely. Guess I,ll see how it all goes, sleep may win, but i suspect the bath will be refreshing.

Edit: can't quite sleep. My leg muscles hurt >.< nyah... anyway, fun quizzies. You belong to Yoh's team
If you took part in the Shaman Fight, you'd join
YOH'S TEAM! Who else? They are funny, strong, cute, brave and
cool! You know they are quite a chaotic team,
but a strong friendship keeps them together and
that's all you need to win. Oversoul!!!

What is your Shaman Fight team? (Shaman King)
brought to you by Quizilla
Eheh... sure I belong to Yoh's team ^^ I'm that cool ^_^
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:55 p.m. on Saturday, May 10, 2003

You should be a Leo, Outgoing, warm, friendly,
generous, loyal, likable, entertaining, likes
attention, confident, cherrful, creative,
strong-willed, charismatic, proud, extrovert,
but can be demanding, dogmatic, controlling,
afraid of rejection

~*What is your TRUE Zodica sign?*~
brought to you by Quizilla Actually, a few hours earlier and I was a Leo. I was born august 25th c.c
Jiroh caught another nap at 08:22 p.m. on Friday, May 9, 2003

OH MY GOD! Atsushi Kisarasu's gettho name.. is

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Ass Machine Cwac Cwac.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

And yes, I'm playing around with Fudoumine... Peeping Joe T., Nadj-ir Kawfi (that's kamio.. gawds kawfi? Coffee?) Ass Machine Ice (somehow fits Shinji.. Somehow) Tempestuous Shizzlemah (Ishida. I fear him now) Sakurai is rebaptised as.. Wankmaster Wack!? mori earns himself the nicest nickname to date: Doctor Kool ^^ Uchimura is Wankmaster Shizzlemah. My god, so much fun.. at least it occupied me a whole 15 minutes.

And strangely enough.. Jiroh earns that Nadj-ir Kawfi too.. does taht mean he and Kamio are related.. or that Jiroh simply likes coffee...? anyway, fun's over..
Jiroh caught another nap at 04:18 p.m. on Friday, May 9, 2003

Well, I start working at 8am tomorrow. yay. Ganbarimasu!!! I know i,ll sweat as much as kamio did in his match against Sengoku. And not just because i'll wear black *hugs Fernandez Racing polo* nyan, I'll get money too. Not right now, bit still.. ^_^
Jiroh caught another nap at 04:09 p.m. on Friday, May 9, 2003

Breaking news, Torishishi duet is title Brand new day, and Jiroh's is Against Wind. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:02 p.m. on Thursday, May 8, 2003

I'm Eiji!
You're Eiji!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
brought to you by Quizilla There, now that I was awake and it wasn't 7am, I took the test again ^^ I guess i,M sorta in between Ryoma and Eiji. I am very quiet most of the time -and making snarky comments in my head- but at other times, watch out for the genki bullet. Especially if food is involved. oh, or F1/CART races *.* I get wheeeee only thinking about GOING to the CART GP again ^^ 1 day before my b-day *____* (yeah, August 24th is a sunday) wheeee
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:57 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7, 2003

I'm Ryoma!
You're Ryoma!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Yeah.. just because it was predictable. Ryoma? Me? I suppose. I mean, he's short. Now someone gimmee a Fudoumine quiz *.*
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:28 a.m. on Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Screw it. Totally gave up on trying to do these things from which earrings dangles.. what attaches them to your ear.. ya know? I guess they're not earrings at all, I guess i,ll fail, but I hardly care. I am EXHAUSTED.

HOWEVER, I was happy to browse Mura's KAKKOI Hyotei site!, full of nice bishiness.. and... i,m actually going to rewatch a bunch of Hyotei eps now *.*
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:10 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6, 2003

I'm at school, procrastinating... helped someone with her work. The exame today was so easy, I breezed through, litteraly. I like that technical drawing class I guess. So um... Nothing to say, really. That's it for now.. hopefully gonna be able to do this darned ugly earrings thing. toodles.
Jiroh caught another nap at 01:21 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6, 2003 heck with the darned earrings... was too hungry and the 1$ I had in my pocket wasn't going to help any.darniiit... I am hoping for hours this week x.x; I need work I need money uwaaah
Jiroh caught another nap at 03:10 p.m. on Monday, May 5, 2003

wait, another way to appraoch this.. I,ll get to look cool in my black trenchcoat, and put my pseudo Arai-like headband (it's got tails) and listen to my muuusic almost everywhere. I better find a place with a plug or I,M not gonna work on these durned earrings.
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:32 a.m. on Monday, May 5, 2003

Should think of eating and then braving philosophy class. I half-regret skipping it last week. Oh well.. Whatever happens will happen. My bed felt like it was terribly nice, and I think I know why Jiroh likes to sleep that much. There is no pain, no concerns, no nothing but rest when you sleep. Since no nightmares seem to plague him, he has to be a happy sleeper.

Things to do today:
-Hopefully finish making these darned cursed earrings for wednesday x.x;
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:18 a.m. on Monday, May 5, 2003

Wheee it's Jiroh's b-day (in my timezone) so i,ll celebrate by going to sleep. yea. Seey'all when I'm awake and back from school.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:00 a.m. on Monday, May 5, 2003

Tachizuka... exists o.o; gawds.
And here we can wonder if kamio isn't taking after Shishido.. DON'T touch that hair!
And I HAD to show y'all this because I read about Puberty at Night once.. in someone else's stuff...

That's about it for now.... oh, and people, you know which day it is tomorrow, ne? ^_^
Jiroh caught another nap at 08:49 p.m. on Sunday, May 4, 2003 credit where it's due...
You don't get it? None of you? See if I care.
this week will be horrible... maybe I can somehow make it better u.u;; Strongly hoping for sushi.. but now. Can I work anytime soon? I want hours x.x; onegaaaaaiiii!
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:38 p.m. on Sunday, May 4, 2003

*laughs to death* oh my GOD, Oshitari says 'katsu no wa Hyotei' in his song! whahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:28 p.m. on Sunday, May 4, 2003

Oh, look at this.. *glances to the bar on the left* Something labeled 'PoT RP. What could this be, you wonder?
Well I decided to try and start some sort of um.. makeshift RP crew. Yea, go me.In any case, what me and my partner in crime thought up is this.
Seigaku RPs will be played by email. Why? Figure it out on your own ^^;
The second character is.. for live RPS! Yeah, either by AIM, IRC or any sort of live chat program. if two members decide to try and RP, then yay. We were thinking of attempting to log the scene and paste it in some mail.
If we think two characters isn't enough, we may think of allowing a third or.. whatever ^^ I go with the flow. Interested? well yay. just mail or contact me or whatever. We'll work it out.
(and yes, yaoi is gladly accepted)
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:53 a.m. on Sunday, May 4, 2003

At 6am, i got the OshitariSong. Gawds, some sorta fairy told me to get up and check on WinMX or something, because I hit 'search', saw it, and bamf. 20kbs a sec. whee.

oops, missed F1 qualifs. Must check website for results. Will hopefully NOT feel lazy tomorrow morning.
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:01 p.m. on Saturday, May 3, 2003

....I swear I,Ll get that darn OshitariSong even if I don't care much about it x.x;;;
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:55 p.m. on Friday, May 2, 2003

I HAVE THE KEIGOSONG AND IT RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You WinMX!

Waitin' for Mura to get on... nyahhahaha... anyone wants? Heck, I,Ll offer to everyone I see anyway ^^

An hour later, Gakuto Song is in.. Not as wonderful. May listen again and see if it'll grow on me.
KeigoSong... definitely... is.. even with KamioSong in my chart. Really, wowee ^___^ and Oshtarisong isn't in yet, I,ve been trying for 3 times and.. the three went dead without me getting through queues. See if I,ll be vainquished yet!!!
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:44 a.m. on Friday, May 2, 2003

Job. Yes.. perhpas one. Exactly a year later, I may take back my old job. They called. They want to see me.
And so... in 4 hours, I may have a job. I'll have to be able to take some tiny mental abuse, cut shifts, general yuckiness again. However: Money. I,Ll get money. It's just what I needed. My dad's washing machine died at work, so.. I didn't want to ask money for class materials. I won't have to. Good.

May 1st. The day Ayrton Senna died. My friend Yvon's birthday. Isn't it also today that these Hyotei singles are out? Such an eventful day.... I can hardly believe it. I may be able to pre-order those singles after all ^^. I wish I could teleport money to rachel. Fudoumine stuff *.*. Oh well, that's life!

If you two are reading this... I hope Japan is fun. Fangirling in Animate... Lucky.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday, May 1, 2003

...maybe.. just.. maybe I should give up.
I can't rivet two pieces of silver together to save my life.. and when I do...
...when I do... I.. drop the thing.. to the floor.. and... it splits in two pieces again...
I'm NEVER going to wear darned earrings, I don't care! I wanna DIE!!!!
I think I'm better at my technical drawing class. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.... Anyway... as you can guess, I' down. in the dumps.
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:19 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Oh my GOD episode 72 was sooooooooooooo funny! What a shame I could not laugh it as loud as it deserved. Eiji is insane.. oh man, everyone is. That was the best ^^ not as fun as 71, but.. fun ^_^ I wanna see crazy Fudoumine-ness....
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:29 p.m. on Monday, April 28, 2003

no news from job *shrugs* PoT 71 was SOOOOOOO fun. yay.
Mura-san traumatized me.. kowai ;_; Tachibana-san and.. Atobe? In any case, much link following lead to this absolte kawaii Jiroh-ness ^_^ Had to share.

And I don't get why chibi-Kamio's waving a leek around but... *sighs happily* ah, the cuteness!!!

That looks awfully kawaii too ^^ Wonder what's up with Ohtori c.c
ze cuteness! Jiroshitari, minna?
I wanna hug em both for being so cute This makes my day ^_^
Oh my... look at Kabaji..
Shishido likes mint gum... I can see some logo in there.. looks like an advertisement ^^
Jiroh caught another nap at 04:38 p.m. on Sunday, April 27, 2003

Interview! At a grocery store a bit far away, but wheee ^_^ getting woken up by that sorta call is nice! Must now make self pretty.
And PoT 71 at 9PM? Too good a day, finally!
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:13 a.m. on Friday, April 25, 2003

...I could have a job... I just have to CALL.. but.. I can't find the phone number *kicks internet and goes find the darned phone booth* STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch me get angry over nothing likea certain rythmless rythm freak and die of bursting an artery or something.

...the guy wasn't there.. I left a message. Probably had myself look dumb. Now down in the dumps.. beyond all belief, and I feel like crying. It's silly, but I feel like crying because I thought this'd be like.. INSTANT... I never thought the guy wouldn't be there.. really.. I,M just... too .. too.. something... Now I feel drained like heck.. as always. I would be supposed to eat.. but... I don't feel like it.

I don't really feel like doing anything anymore.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:24 a.m. on Thursday, April 24, 2003

whee I am so amazed. i did my project for tomorrow. it's finished. Over. whee.
Someone also asked me to draw her some dragons which she'd picked out of my sketchbooks.. and the sketches went well.. only another tiny bit of sketching to do, then grab my blue ink pen and hope it cooperates and won't smear all over. Blue ink pen is less messier than charcoal or pencil. My art teachers also said it was nt an artistic medium but see if i care.

and thanks to anyone who offered good wishes for friend. no convincing news yet, but... I'd rather not burden myself with wondering. It is not that I do not care, but I just know I cannot do more than I did.

looking forward to continuing that drawing.. even if misplaced the small dragon off-center. must.. balance drawing, somehow.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:03 p.m. on Monday, April 21, 2003

Why I haven't written anything, as I said I would.

Yesterday was a total crisis. Not for me, no.. my friend called, desperate, and told me his mother had some um.. heart failure and was in hospital. Given, she wasn't in critical condition, but.. his uncle out in the next city is. He probably realized that it may be one of his last chances to his uncle in case they don't save him. So.. well, I lent him my whole 80$ so he could make the trip.
This means no cash for the week, and no JirohSingle preordering yet.. I am a bit frustrated but, well, it's for a good cause. He's one of my only 2 friends left IRL, and he would do the same for me, this I know.
This also means I probably.. won't be able to go see the sakura bloom in Montreal either. Dunno why it makes me the saddest....

Almost forgot.... Happy Easter everyone *hugs*
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:38 a.m. on Sunday, April 20, 2003

Unexpected Ending part 3

"All right!!" a loud cheer ressounded outside the school, coming from the soccer field.
It was over, finally. The winning team crashed down after an outburst of joy, exhausted. The defeated team followed suit.
"...that was .. some mad passing there" Mori shook his head. "..I thought.. they'd keep taking it away.."
"Your pass was incredible! Why did you insist in playing defense, Mori-kun?" one of his teammates asked, giving him a playful shove.
" can you still be that energetic, Hiyoshi?" he asked, looking up.
"We won, baka!" the youth gave a hearthy laugh.
"...yeah.. we did" Mori let out a light sigh, letting himself crash on the grass. They really did tire everyone out... even themselves. "...I think.. we're all going to need.. new sneakers." he decided.

Lunch break was welcomed, after all that spending of energy. Helooked forward to it after getting out from one of the quickest showers in history. A surprise awaited him right as he stepped out of the changing room.
"...Uchimura!? What are..." He was totally stunned to see his friend and partner here on the bench. But there was a logical explanation. " sneaked out of the classroom again!" he smacked his face with his palm. "...I can't believe you did it again.."
"Aha! Don't underestimate me!" the smaller youth shone with pride. "...and don't act like that, it was for a good cause! You'll have to get up really early to make me regret running out of history class" the youth crossed his arms.
"...all right, all right.. so what's this 'good cause' for sneaking out, hm..?" he asked, peering down at the other youth, doubtful.
"The reason is this!" Reaching for what was on the bench behind him, Uchimura presented "Special Birthday lunch!" a pause. "...or something like that.."

Stare. Special Birthday lunch? The idea of naming it made Mori want to burst out laughing, but that would have been exceptionally rude. He did liked what he saw, and that gave him new directions. "Let's run outside and eat before.." an akward pause. ".before the food gets cold" he may have meant to say something else. No one would ever know.
"" Mori reached down, took one of the food containers from his partner and laid it down, repeating the process for the other until both were safely up. " guess for this one is.." he thought a few seconds as Uchimura escalated the tree to come and sit at his side. "..I'll bet it's your weird ramen in tomato juice" he grinned widely, handing the plastic bowl to his companion.
The youth nodded and handed a pair of chopsticks to his companion. "You bet! And it's not weird, it tastes good"
"Hm-hm, but people keep asking you to repeat your order three times..." Mori took the offered eating ustensils and grabbed his own food. "What did you get me..? Should I expect a good surprise ir..?" he never knew when tricks would be pulled against> "Uh?" Eyes widening, face hidden halfway by his cap, Uchimura shook his head. "I'm not that heartless, you know. It's your birthday.. and all that" he glanced away, blushing ever-so lightly.

A bit of a surprise again. "Yakisoba..." Mori blinked at the noodles and sniffed at the dark tinted broth. " soy sauce? You're starting to know my tastes. Not too bad" he gave a firm nod. "Congratulations on your sneaking out. it was a sucess. And now... Itadakimasu!" he finally decided it was a good thing that his companion hurried to get food before anyone else. After his first mouthful of noodles, he recognized that it was the best thing that would happen.
During dinner, the two of them mainly talked about their morning classes, Uchimura emphasizing about the tedious history class. Mori happily recounted his soccer match, and his companion was obviously envious... because his class were playing basketball, which was a nightmare to him.
The noodles dissapeared quickly enough, and by the time they were finished, many students were out for an improvised picnic on the school ground's grass.
Lunch time was over far too soon, and students filtered back in for the afternoon classes.

No, not finished yet, but my mind needs a break ._. I,ll probaly write the rest tomorrow, if fate will let me c.c
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:04 a.m. on Saturday, April 19, 2003

I was so not awake that I refused sushi. I am stupid. Must write fic. yes, must finish it. So easy to imagine it yet takes some willpower to actually write.

and yes, today is Mori Tatsunori's birthday. Yay, yay. Bet half of you have no idea who it is, hm?
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:16 p.m. on Friday, April 18, 2003

They say nice guys finish last..

That's all. Gonna go sleep z_z
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:16 a.m. on Thursday, April 17, 2003

Okay, watched dear Boys... The opening is blah, I will DEFINITELY cut the ending up when I burn.. and.. that um.. Aizawa or whoever main bishie's seiyuu sounds like Dragon Drive's Toki Kohei. Dunno who the guy's seiyuu was, but the voice.. really sounds the same.. and I do love his voice ^^ I guess this series will be a keeper, and hopefully they can cut their damned filesize. 228MBs!? My poor 10GB limit x.x;
Jiroh caught another nap at 08:49 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Unexpected Ending part 2

Mori was struggling. He had breezed through his math class.. but that english test just now.. it was a nightmare. "...Forgiving... tightly.. No, that's not it" he murmured in a low voice, starting to chew on the end of his pencil. He found that language extremely confusing, for some reason. His grades weren't all that good this year, and he thought he had a 50/50 chance of passing right now. He had quite a problem with the sentence structures. "...asking for forgiveness.. Hn, that must be it.." he nodded to himself.
The nightmare ended, because even bad dreams can't go on forever. English period was over, and he felt an intense relief as he walked out of the classroom for a short break before the PE class. that one he was looking forward to. The final of their class' mad soccer match!

Soccer was so different from tennis.. he thought it somewhat refreshing. You hit a ball with your foot, and that's it. Well, some use their head too... figuratively and literally! He liked how the teacher encouraged the competitive spirit, and above all the fact they were merely playing for fun. This, above all, was the most important. Everyone only had to do their very best.. and that's what they did. The only thing that wasn't convenient about PE class was that he had to go and change into more fitting clothes, thus unable to spend time with Uchimura. He did see Kamio speeding by and threw him a high-five, which was mirrored by the one with hair dyed the color of an old wine.
After a run through the changing room, he was ready to go at it. The class was enthusiastic and fired up as the two makeshift teams faced each other again. Mori once heard from the other class that Kamio's speed was to be feared. If only they knew it was that way in any discipline that required running around.
"All right! Here we go, Hiyoshi!" Mori clenched a fist, grinning. "Let's make Manda's team have a run for their money"
"Sure, let's do that! You heard it everyone?" the one with the bleached-yellow hair adressed the rest of his companions. "Let's have them roughen up their sneakers' soles!"
What answered him was a united cry. This match promised entertainment.

Short, but I should probably go sleep already I want unlimited energy c.c and yeah, watch me stay awake a bit more and thoroughly regret it tomorrow.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:57 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Thanks to Koji I know what a Mont Blanc is now.. and... it's somehow.. CUTE. Imagining Akutsu eating that, particularly with the smiley-cute face they stuck on it, amuses me to no end. It somehow reminded me of a pile of yakisoba..
I'm hungry..

Randomness: Today my mom took me shopping for shoes. I saw New Balance shoes!! Just like kamio's. DAMN I wanted em.. but NO! They didn't have my size ;_; and Fila shoes were too big too! waaah! Frustration. However, when we went out, some woman was selling rings and stuff she made! I was like.. whoooa and started talking, cause I wanna be a jeweler too ^__^ studying for that, in fact. And boy I was.. well.. it made me like school more. Bought a ring.. pretty ruby or something. (don't know stones yet x.x; must learn) it looked brown outside, purple in the mall, but under the light it shone a pretty red *.* yay.

And so... ah.. I am happy again, yes. watch the world fall tonight c.c In any case, for now: Yay.
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:11 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I WANT waaaaaahhh mommy ;_; why oh WHY don't I have a job money and all? PRETTY ness! Fudoumine and.. and... *sniffles* I am inconsolable

Well.... I guess life's full of ups and downs.. and I can't have everything.. and.. and... well... one day if I get a job and it reappears I an GET it damnit.
Anyone in the US wants this? Call me crazy, but if i had to choose, I,d snatch the calendar right now.. PRETT FUDOUMINE-ness!!
Must stop thinking.......
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:16 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2003

...I just receiveda nice little invoice. Well lookit, I have to pay 11$ in import fees after all. How dumb is that? ....sheesh.. this just sucks hell. it really REALLY does. I guess I,Ll ask for dad's card.. as if I,d pay a damned stamp to send it too? no way. Geez. Come and suck my cash out. Moronic world.
Jiroh caught another nap at 03:45 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2003

I am happy. Yes, right this second I really am. FuJiroh is CUTE! WAI! Seriously, it makes my day. sorta headachey, wind was yucky outside, and I wonder when spring will really come x.x; but never fear!

Also, I hate when I get a call and expect it to be a job but.. but it ends up being the voting office of whatever party. ^^;; gimee a job. Pretty please?

And yes, I should probably continue with my fic soon c.c poor widdle Mori. Ifeel as if I'm abandoning him *hugs the bishie*
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:25 p.m. on Monday, April 14, 2003

While doing mindless surfing today and inputting stuff into a japanese translator, I have discovered random facts.. like Kamio's favorite food seemingly being pot au feu. He has good taste, because it is YUMMY. Shinji seems somewhat fond of pickled vegetables... No comment, dunno if I ever ate any of those.. except marinated onions, which doesn't count. There's something about tea for tachibana-san. Simple tastes ^^ easily taken care of.
Ishida's says... oysters, fried seafood.. oooh we'd get along well, he and I... Sakurai is about chinese-style noodles.. which is probably ramen, yakisoba or whatever. Simplistic. I would invite him over and he'd be happy. I am surprised at Uchimura citing tomatoes and aspargus. Yum.. warm, buttered aspargus.. me want *drool* The guy's got nicely uncommon tastes. And Mori? Curry. nice, I needed that for my fic ^^ how cute. and I never ate any of that.. not that I an remember anyway. Must taste new foods. Yes.

It's amusing what you can find out. ...and yes I still want japanese classes. Seems Kamio can run 100 meters in um.. a minute or.. gah, it's missing words. evil translation. anyway, yay.

Continuing on the food thing, if that translotor is right.. Atsushi.. likes.. chicken!! LOL Daaaa Neee!!!! And Shinya's says something about chilled chinese noodles, probably cold yakisoba... and I think the notes say something about him and Kisarazu going to eat yakisoba together.... How fun.

Akutsu's says... Mont Blanc? wha..? Must be some food I never heard of @.o
Atobe's says Roast beef... oh, meat! yummyyy. Shishido's says.. cheese ^__^ and mint chewing gum? hey, I love this guy ^^

Sadly, that's all.. I wish this person would list the missing Hyotei members.. but then again I guess Jiroh must like sleep above anything else.. and may list coffee as favorite food. Nyah ^^
Also, fun fact: I came across a '100 hyotei questions' thing and it asked what the guys' d do in a band.
Hyotei B-Boy crew. Members:
Vocals: Atobe Keigo. Guitar: Ohtori. Bass, vocals: Ryo Shishido. Drums: Kabaji (duh).MC Youshi
DJ WAKA, DJ JIRO (because Hiyoshi'd do the DJ-ing while Jiro does the sleeping, ne)
Guest dancer: Bobbed hair (Gackt21&Hagi)
Produced by: taro Sasaki
FUN!!! Me want Fudoumine 100questions now!! hell, I can do my one bishiband anyway ^^ nyah!

And lookie, quizthing

this is my way to live
What about yours?
made by rav-chan

Isn't that fun? Dunno how true it is though...
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 12, 2003

*slaps lottery ticket into Sengoku-san's Single's case* There... lessee how lucky I'll get tonight.....(edit at midnight: I won nothing, bleh)
For now though, YOU are the ones getting lucky! Yes, a few days in advance, I present you...

Unexpected ending another Fudoumine fic by Taka-Kat

A loud, annoying noise pulled the youth out of the cozy sleep he was in, the alarm clock acting like a cruel, large hammer and smashing the dream he was having into tiny unrecognizable fragments. With a light groan, Mori opened one eye to glance at the clock even if he was aware that he would see the same hour he saw every morning. Time to get up...
"..friday... right?" the youth murmured, sleepiness still hanging onto him as he snatched his shirt and pants before checking his schoolbag, verifying if he had all he needed. English test in the second period was something he didn't quite look forward to, especially after the math class that took place first thing in the morning.
Oh well! A nice breakfast would get him ready to face more of this day. A last yawn, some stretching, and the youth left his room, aiming for the kitchen. The sight that welcomed him wasn't as surprising as the voice.

"Tatsunori-chan, ohayo"
"okasan?" What was his mother doing home? "...your job.." oh wait, that wasn't the first thing he should be saying. " ..ah I mean, ohayo" he bowed quickly.
"That's better" she smiled. "Don't worry about my job. I took the morning off so I could fix a nice breakfast" And indeed, what was on the table suited this description. A steaming miso soup, a fish that would make any mouth water, and a tea that was doubtlessly balanced to perfection. "...I hope I didn't put too much spinach" the woman called from behind the kitchen counter, washing the ustensils she'd used while her son barely kept himself from leaping at the food, doing a good job of containing his enthusiasm for the sake of cleanliness.
"Don't be silly. You can never put too much spinach in there, 'kasan" he assured with a light grin. And then.. "Itadakimasu!"

After he was done with his breakfast, he put his school jacket on, brushed his teeth and grabbed his schoolbag. "Arigatou, okasan" he bowed again.
"Your father is going to be home early tonight, and he'll be making your favorite, so try not to be too late coming home, hm?" she pleaded with a sweet smile.
"...h-hai" the youth nodded. "I'll try not to be held up for too long" but he knew how practice turned out sometimes. "...we have to get our act together for the Tournament" and he knew his mother understood it all, she just wanted to have fun pressuring him.
"You're so sweet.." she murmured in his ear as she gave him a hug. "Have a nice day at school, Tatsunori-chan" she gave him a last smile before letting him run off. "Happy birthday"

that's all for now Yes! It's Mori's birthday ^^ well, it's on the 18th, but I decided -thankfully- to start writing in advance.. and it seems it'll be a multi-parter so yay.
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:39 p.m. on Friday, April 11, 2003

Normally, I wanna maim'em when they turn them all girly-looking but.. this is acceptable, somehow!
That's IT.. I am taking Japanese classes as soon as I have 3000$ to learn from Uni so I can understand this and many more!
And lookit, someone was inspired by Shinji's single! *hugs him* Cuteness. Fujicest-hint I think Rachel will be pleased.

That's all now, I gues... because my Explorer crashed... evil IE. UchiMori compy must have had something to do with it.. tsk tsk.
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:47 p.m. on Thursday, April 10, 2003

Random thought: In one of his previous lives, kamio must have been a volcano..
See how he EXPLODES...?
Jiroh caught another nap at 01:52 a.m. on Thursday, April 10, 2003

And..a sudden flash.. Maybe I can try making Ohtori's necklace sometime. Yes! I would just need dimensions.... because I'm such a perfectionist... and won't try it by eye.
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:47 a.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2003

I want sushi ;_; but.. no.. I already agreed to spend cash on food tomorrow... YES be impressed, I am going on a social lnch with my class. If I don't miss it for the sake of SLEEP. anyway we'll see.

But... suuuushiii ;_____; wah, will I resist? um.. probably so.

No sushi=5$ more towars ALL the damn stuff I gott buy/debts/ect x.x;; so um.. ehehh ^^; anyway, gotta go eat breakfast and stuff so... hm... not like many'd read.
Maybe.. maybe I'll go early today... just maybe. This class is too long...
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:08 a.m. on Wednesday, April 9, 2003

I sorta HATE my life right now. it sucks.. but wel... thinking about other stuff -like JirohSingle- makes it all better. yay. and RP. Need RP. Must RP to live. It's like... fun. Not getting enough as of late. Evil timezones. Head's starting to ache. gonna try staying awake till 2am.. see if... that person's.. going to reconnect. I'll pray.
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:32 p.m. on Monday, April 7, 2003

nyah, at school again. Not much to say except... wai, JirohSong... ToriShishi duet... looking VERY much forward to June ^^ nyaaaaaahhhhh Oh, and I I scribbled in my philo notes again. Dragon Drive no oujisama, eheh... And yes, Sakurai is still so very cute in the manga. I sorta hope for the animated version of the Yamabuki-Fudoumine match.... see if you're still lucky, Sengoku-san ^^ Getting you with Rythm.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:04 p.m. on Monday, April 7, 2003

OH MY GOD!! JIROH SINGLE!!! TORISHISHI DUET!!! I love the world and I WANT MONEY to order those! gyaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! MUST GET JIROH SONG!!!!!!!
Jiroh caught another nap at 08:20 p.m. on Saturday, April 5, 2003

Breaking news!
Atobe's song will be titled 'Cross with you"
Oshitari's is 'Crafty'
and.. Gakuto's... makes me laugh since I remember and OLD song also titled 'Da Da Da' and now imagine him singing taht! hahahhaaaaaaaaaa
Jiroh caught another nap at 09:10 p.m. on Thursday, April 3, 2003

I heard it was Akutsu's birthday.. and here I am, coming home dead tired and opening a Purolator package... to find him menacing me with his tennis racket.

YES I finally got my CDs... but I gotta go eat first..
Jiroh caught another nap at 05:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Ainu Horohoro
You are Ainu Horohoro. You love to eat and it seems
that you think too short. You are the active
type and you talk loudly. Everybody know that
you're a good guy, despite the fact that
sometimes your words offensive. You're
talkative and a bit rude. You wanna be strong
so much, don't ya? Remember this. Your pure and
clean heart is the ultimate strength.

Which Shaman King character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla Eheh ^^ HorHoro is cool.. reminds me I should watch um.. episodes 40+ or wherever I was up to. Nyah, long day ahead... but happiness may await me tonight.. or tomorrow morning. Want CDs x.x
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:46 a.m. on Wednesday, April 2, 2003

*stares at page 12 of PoT chapter 161 and nearly faints* FUDOUMINE!!!!! Oishi is SO COOL, I LOVE him! Inviting Fudoumine over to practice *hugs Oishi and then goes glompie the whole Fudomine-tachi!!!* waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Jiroh caught another nap at 02:16 p.m. on Tuesday, April 1, 2003

I don't wanna go to school.. I don't WANNA. Not today... seems purolator is done with uh.. international sending stuff... and I hope they won't come today.. or tomorow... or if it's today, maybe in the aftrnoon.. that'd be nice.and Purolator is seemingly US based. I think CUSTOMS may be expected.. like.. stupid damn fees I can't pay. I hate you, world... and I wanted to sleep.. and if my package doesn't come by today, then tomorrow will SUCK a THOUSAND times worse.

...well, not.. cause PoT 68 will be out.. late.. yeah... geez.....Gota go now... not that anyone gives a great damn. Really.
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:56 a.m. on Tuesday, April 1, 2003

I swear everytime I write a fic, my cpu blows to hell... evil bluescreen. anyway, happiness: got my PoT GBA red/blue poster, I now have um... Akutsu and Atobe looking angrily down at me, Mizuki being his uselessly flashy self.. and... TACHIBANA-SAAAAAN!!! *melts in a puddle of fangirly drool* happy!

I had THE headache from HELL earlier, but it somehow receeded, and will hopefully not haunt me tomorrow.If it does then I may have a chance at pleading homesickness and stalk the Purolator truck that may have my CDs c.c

That is all for now. Poor Sakurai-fic got eaten by then net ;_;
Jiroh caught another nap at 10:28 p.m. on Monday, March 31, 2003

uh... I had a weird dream... something about Led Zepplin playing in a small cafe.. and it was John Paul Jones starting on a bass solo, then John Bonham coming in, and suddenly Jimmy Page flaring up. it was so.. cool... I had a dream just before, but I can't quite recall what it was. blame it on the fact I had 10 minutes to prepare before running for the bus x.x;; nooo foood yet... aaauugh..... bus gonna come in a half-hour. So glad I brought my GBA SP with me to play.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:28 p.m. on Monday, March 31, 2003

I bought Pokemon Ruby... and i don't have a GBA. Will buy GBA SP because I am.. dumb.. and bred... and .. yeah... I probably don't know what to do with my money...

...or my life... not that anyone really cares. No, of course. Life somehow started to suck. I don't know why, but I am bored, and I really think life sucks right now.'s so horribly boring... yes.. why is it that I get excited over something that can't seem to happen? Boy it sucks.
Oh, you wouldn't know what I,M talking about... and yes, I should try and think up a fanfic if i have time and mind to be dpressed and pseudoo-suicidal or whatever. Gotta love That Time of the Month.
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:02 p.m. on Friday, March 28, 2003

My order was shipped. Yay. 4-6 days means...urk..I hope for Thuesday, NOT Wednesday. Thursday'd be nice too... gah, 6am... too soon to be up... gotta love that time of the month.
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:17 a.m. on Friday, March 28, 2003

First: happy birthday kim ^o^

Second.. uh.. Akutsu's song seems disapointing.. I wonder if I,ll cry for my spent money once I get a listen ._.;;; I hope I'll like it.. and Sengoku's.. but at least I CANNOT be dissapointed once I get my hands on the duet!! WHY!? You may ask..? Because their seiyuu message is TOO DARN FUNNY!! Doubles match of Kabaji-Arai vs Yanagisawa-Kisarazu, complete with fangirls cheering.. ahhahahaaaaaaa MY GOD I LOVE IT! And their song's remix s fun ^^ yay.
I have the feeling Sengoku's song may be like Tachibana's and Yuuta's.. dunno why, and anyway, I,Ll TRY to resist listening to the MP3s until I have the CDs in my hands and all listened through.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:04 p.m. on Thursday, March 27, 2003

What the heck...? I was so happy 6 hours ago...I honestly thought I would run away from class... or just get the hell away at food break.. but... *sigh* Since the teacher told me to start my welding over, it all went to hell. Because I burned my fingertip with a too-hot rod of metal. Go me *sighs* I still feel like going away.. but... I,Ll just hang around. I mean, he can go to hell with his re-making of plaque, see if I care! He says our first ring may break anyway, so *shrugs* Insubordination..? Uncooperativeness? Yes. So what? I don't quitye feel great ever since he told me to start over, in addition to burning my finfgertip. 20 mins under cold water and it's slightly ouchied still... And yes, even with a group of people, I am always alone, as I noticed... I am so glad I have my music with me. Because I burned myself, I couldn't go get sushi. from 8-12, the day basically sucked.
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26, 2003

VICTORY!!!! CD JKapan just got my IPMO!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!
Yatta!!! banzaaaiii! Sugoi! Ureshiiiiiii da yo ore wa, or whatever the syntax is.

To think I didn't quite feel like getting up. eh. Le wai! Foodage now. Yes.
Jiroh caught another nap at 06:10 a.m. on Wednesday, March 26, 2003

For somed reason I am extremelly happy... Nothing special happened, but... wel.. I bought pokemon pasta (yes I am so weird) and YUMMY pilsbury chocolate chip cookies! nyahahhaha and I found 25 cents on the floor. Yay.

Gonna go eat because i am soo starving.. oh yea.... bought a lottery ticket too c.c somehow
Jiroh caught another nap at 12:49 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25, 2003

oh yay I am in some deep crap. I may just not be able to do my homework for tomorrow... 30 damned dollars for a stupid parallel T-bar thingee... noooo way man. Anyway, to hell with it, I will see wshat happens later. For now, break from philosophy class.. nyah...
Jiroh caught another nap at 11:59 a.m. on Monday, March 24, 2003

Kimi Raikonnen won the malaysian Grand Prix... oh my... Formula One rarely brought tears to my eyes, but... it's such a beautiful finish after a race that started ugly. And i knew raikonnen was going to do BIG things.. even when he first came in F1. I,M so glad I stayed up and watched this GP *sniffles*

So much emotion... and Kimi had that ragged morning-hair look, as all pilots have which is why they always have a cap on. Nyah ^^ Happy.
Jiroh caught another nap at 03:44 a.m. on Sunday, March 23, 2003

A few stray cats part 2

Tennis wasn't a hobby. It steadily became more than that as they played, skills growing along with their bodies, as if engraved into it. From hobby, it flared into passion and was unstoppable from then on.
Other things came it... and of course anyone like them, either in a tennis club or competing or otherwise, wanted to be the best.

There was a long silence, one that Ishida didn't break, seated as still as a statue. He had made his offer, and it seemed to be all that he needed in order to set his mind at peace.
Picking up his sandals from where they laid at his side, Sakurai took his feet off the water and proceeded to put his footwear back on before hopping on the flat rocks that made a decent pathway back the shore.
Ishida kept his eyes on his partner as the brown-haired youth crashed into a seated position again, joining him on the slightly rocky ground.
"...last week... the rematch." Sakurai started with a sigh. "We lost again, didn't we?" he paused, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "... against Yamabuki's pair. Why was that...? We trained so hard." He played that one match over and over in his head.. and still sruggled to quell that uneasy anger. He had directed it mostly at himself... or simply the match in general.
"There's a winner and a loser for every match, Sakurai. his partner pointed out in a philosophical manner, seeking to extinguish the demons.
The comment produced a faint nod, appreciated. "That's right... but Tachibana-san... didn't he tell us we'd been flawless?" his voice gained an edge of worry. "If we really had been.. then... then wouldn't we have won? Why is it... that we lost?" he asked, a hand having slowly clenched into a fist.
"Yes, Tachibana-san did say that" he acknowledged, shifting slightly in order to put a hand on the other youth's shoulder. "We were flawless... for our current level." a pause, eyes locking with Sakurai's, making sure he understood the final part of his argument. "...and so were our opponents"

He was stunned. Leave it to Tetsu to make just about anyone feel better and get pumped up. "I see now!" it was as if the truth had finally appeared right before his eyes. "So.. any plans for what to do next?" hey, they had to correct that situation fast. They couldn't afford to lost to anyone else.
Both of Ishida's hands were on his shoulders as his trusted partner grinned. "Isn't it obvious?" he asked, laughter in his voice. "We aim higher... and see if anyone can stop us after that!"

And then we could ask... how high could they possibly aim.

Sorta over, ne? Of course I guess it was just a tiny ficlet I thought they needed some love too. Okay, we can't really see it, but uh.. use your imagination ._.;
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A few stray kittens... another Taka-Kat ficcie

He thought that after a few days, the frustration would leave. He had reasons to believe that this ugly feeling he had inside wouldn't stick around... but he had to face it. Even after a whole week, the discomfiture stuck to his thoughts like thick marmalade.
For now, he was relaxing as best as he could, seated on a rock, naked feet dipped in the clear water that ran at each side. It was a nice, sunny day with a fresh wind that served the purpose of cooling down the heated body. It made tree leaves rustle faintly and this, along with the sound of lazily running water, made him feel slowly more at ease.

Catching sight of a fish that swam at moderate speed through the river, Sakurai's cocoa-brown eyes followed it until it was out of sight, and then let out a heavy sigh.
That bitter taste was still in his throat.

The youth picked up a small rock and hurled it at the water, as if it was the source of his woes. Closing his eyes, he ran a hand through his hair and shook his head, perhaps scolding himself for his behaviour.
He felt more and more tense as the days went by. There had to be a way for him to find himself again. It wasn't a lack of confidence or willpower... it was a matter he couldn't point out.

"So that's where you were!"
A voice to the side made him jump, closed eyes snapping open. He didn't need to look to know who it was. "...Ishida..?" he blinked once, puzzled by the tallest Regular's appearance here. He came by now and then, knowing where to find him when he needed him. "Good afternoon" he nodded the greeting, voice obviously lacking its normal enthusiasm since he was caught unaware. He blamed the grass that silenced the sneakers' contact with the ground.

Choosing to remain on the shore, the one with the white bandana offered a knowing, compassionate smile. "Everyone needs their sanctuary, eh?" he rested his arms on his knees, cocking his head at his partner. "...what's on your mind?" he asked him.
Sakurai knew he could answer him, or not answer. Ishida wouldn't mind either way, he asked because he wanted to make him aware that he was there if he needed to talk about anything.

...and he did have a weight on his mind...

As always, to be finished later.. bacause sleep sounds nice *watches the remainder of qualif sessions* time zones are ugly x.x Malaysia... and damn, the only way to have Blonde!Tachibana with Fudoumine is to write an AU fic. Ah well *shrugs*
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